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Summer Holiday Activity Brochure 2018

School Journey 2017



The children all arrived safely around lunch time yesterday . Since then they have been having a blast, conquering some fears and working beautifully as a team.


And they were all asleep by 10pm last night!!


Photos and more information to follow ...



Dear Hounslow Town Primary School,

Paccar Camp is a highly educational and adventurous camp with high quality, friendly staff members. For the past few days, we have taken part in some very fun and educational activities. Some of these include: high ropes, crate-stacking and rabbit run. These are just some of the amazing activites that are available. There are two fields of grass that you can play on. 

The food is 5 star; breakfast, lunch and dinner - all round goodness. There is nothing that you should be worried about because everywhere there are friendly members of staff to help you if you get hurt or lost anywhere. We hope that you would be interested in visiting the camp one day!

From Dragos, Victor and the rest of Y6



Dear Hounslow Town,

On arrival at Paccar Camp, we were separated into three different groups to take part in different activities. All the activities we completed were very different. On Tuesday, we did 'Crate Stacking', which was very wobbly and difficult, then 'High Ropes' and 'Indoor Caving', which was very dark and tight. On Wednesday, we did a Gladiator challenge and it involved lots climbing. We also did archery and nightline, which involved us wearing blindfolds and a partner to guide us.

Unfortunately, it was raining on Wednesday, so we couldn't have the campfire. We decided to swap the disco and the campfire around. We can't wait for the campfire tonight!

Wish you were here,

From Saffrron, Dalyn and all of Y6

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8


Tuesday 1
Tuesday 2
Tuesday 3
Tuesday 4
Tuesday 5
Tuesday 6
Tuesday 7
Tuesday 8
Tuesday 9
Tuesday 10
Tuesday 11
Tuesday 12
Tuesday 13

Assembly Task


The whole school value for the first half of the Spring Term is Respect. Key Stage 2 children have been challenged to learn a rap about Respect. The lyrics and song link can be found below. We would like for children to continue practising at home as well as in their PE, Music and PSHCE lessons in school. By the end of the half term we are aiming to have produced our own music video! Watch this space for rehearsal video clips and pictures over the term! Get rapping!


Mrs K. Dhillon

Deputy Head Teacher

Inspiring the Future 2015

For the second year running, we are proud to announce the successful completion of Inspiring the Future Week. Once again our aim was to provide our children with the opportunity to be inspired, to be encouraged, to learn and to set goals for their future. In conjunction with the NAHT and Primary Futures, Hounslow Town was able to host many guests from all walks of life, who came into school to share their personal experiences in the world of work.


The week included circle time activities, target setting and self-reflection for children across the entire school.


Our guests included parents, governors and local business men and women from businesses such as the BBC, Metroline at Brentford Bus Garage and Jaydinz Barbers to name but a few. Hounslow’s Mayor also returned to visit Year 2 & 3 during the week, commenting on how welcome he was made to feel.  


Our children gained a lot from Inspiring the Future Week and were able to really reflect on life in school and life after school. We have talked a lot about perseverance and the need to set small, realistic targets for one to achieve.


Once again our guests were extremely complementary of our children and staff, with some guests returning to visit children they spoke to last year!

Parents have also been extremely supportive throughout the week offering to speak to children in a range of classes.


We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all guests, parents, staff and children who together made the week the success it was.

We are very proud of our local community and look forward to future events which will bring us closer together.


Our guest speakers included:

Andy & colleagues from Hounslow’s Police team, Mr McCudden an electrical engineer, Mr Cryan a design engineer, Mrs Paul a lecturer, Mrs Malik an investment banker, Glen from the BBC multimedia newsroom, Colin from Bus Services, Alex from a design agency, Susan Lacey a poet, Imy from Jaydinz Barbers, Mr Hill & Mrs Featherstone (our head teachers!), Hounslow’s Mayor, Pete Faulkner a handyman, Tanya from Little Rainbows Day Nursery, Mrs Kumar a manager in a learning and development team, Mrs Mirza a fashion designer, Mr Herron our school governor, Mr Watkinson- Mo Farah’s PE Teacher and Mr La Rocca a pilot!


Mrs. K Dhillon

Assistant Head Teacher

Some of our guests over the week

Some of our guests over the week 1 Hounslow's Mayor
Some of our guests over the week 2 Geln from the BBC
Some of our guests over the week 3 Nurse Yinka
Some of our guests over the week 4 Collin from Bus Services
Some of our guests over the week 5 Alex from a design agency
Some of our guests over the week 6 Hounslow's Police
Some of our guests over the week 7 Imy from Jaydinz Barbers
Some of our guests over the week 8

Quotes from our Guests...


"This is the second time I have come to this school and find children are well behaved, teachers are well connected to their classes and children are happy. I wish them all the success!" Cllr Nisar Malik Mayor


"Fantastic visit today to the Rainbow group. Very well behaved children and lovely teachers. I wish them all the best." Nurse Yinka


"Good to engage with three lively classes in Year 5. They had carefully prepared for my visit and had lots of interesting questions. Hope to see them in Year 6!" Colin Izzard, bus services


"Lovely to speak to KS2 in assembly. They listened to Mo Farah's story beautifully and hopefully were inspired!" Alan Watkinson, Mo Farah's teacher


"We fully enjoyed today explaining to all the classes what the police do and how we are always ready to help. We would like to thank all the pupils for being so well behaved and attentive today." Hounslow Central Police Team


"I thoroughly enjoyed talking and reading my book to the children. They all joined in and made me feel very much at home in this lovely school. Thank you for inviting me. I would like to visit again." Susan Lacey, Author & Musician

School Journey

Day 5 - 16th October 2015

This morning we got up early to go to the shop.

Then we went straight to breakfast and then back to our rooms to finish packing our suitcases and strip our beds. It took some longer than others to pack and some children needed a lot of help to get everything back in the suitcases!!

Eventually all cases were packed and rooms emptied and we stored our luggage in Bay 4.

Our morning activity was on the beach - we got to play games, have a sandcastle competition and look in rock pools to find crabs. 

A great final day. 

The journey home was smooth and we arrived back at school at 4.30pm. Tired and happy to see our families. 

Everyone is looking forward to a restful weekend!!

Miss Newbury

Day 5 - School Journey

Day 5 - School Journey 1 Group photo at the beach
Day 5 - School Journey 2 With our group leader Faelan
Day 5 - School Journey 3
Day 5 - School Journey 4 Rock pooling
Day 5 - School Journey 5
Day 5 - School Journey 6
Day 5 - School Journey 7
Day 5 - School Journey 8 Sandcastle competitions
Day 5 - School Journey 9
Day 5 - School Journey 10
Day 5 - School Journey 11
Day 5 - School Journey 12
Day 5 - School Journey 13

Day 4 - 15th October 2015


All the children slept well and have woken up refreshed and revived. Mrs Featherstone arrived as activities began and everyone was pleased to see her. 

Children have been given their letters from home and this created a ripple of excitement throughout the group. 

The disco tonight is the main topic of conversation swiftly followed by the 3G swing experiences. The video below shows the activity really well. The children had to work as a team to get their friends up as high as they wanted to go. The exhileration of flying high and looking out to sea has been a highlight for most children. 

It's not quite so sunny today but it's not raining!

Miss Newbury


Mrs Featherstone has had a busy day with us! She joined in with go karting, checked our rooms and enjoyed beef casserole for lunch! She had to leave to get back to school. It is not so sunny today but everyone is still having fun! Although there are some very tired children! (And staff!) The problem solving activity meant that the children had to work together to solve the problems with great success! All groups have now written their reports for CSI activity and thoroughly enjoyed it! 1 more sleep and we will be home! 😀

DISCO.....was soooo good. We danced and it got really hot and we danced more and we got fresh air outside and got a drink from the water fountain! There was another school at the disco and their teachers didn't dance but our teachers did! We all wore our disco clothes and we loved it. We had hot chocolate afterwards and a biscuit. We had to pack our clothes after the disco and get an early night! 

Oliwia and Sandra

School journey - day 4

School journey - day 4 1 3GSwing
School journey - day 4 2
School journey - day 4 3
School journey - day 4 4
School journey - day 4 5
School journey - day 4 6 Room inspection
School journey - day 4 7
School journey - day 4 8 Volleyball with Mrs Featherstone
School journey - day 4 9 Everyone is here!
School journey - day 4 10 Year 5
School journey - day 4 11 Year 6
School journey - day 4 12 Problem Solving-trying to get in order of tongue length!!
School journey - day 4 13 Low Ropes
School journey - day 4 14 Disco Divas!
School journey - day 4 15 Disco Dancers!
School journey - day 4 16 Disco Double!
School journey - day 4 17 Disco Dolls!
School journey - day 4 18 Disco Dreamers!
School journey - day 4 19 The Disco!

3 G Swing

Still image for this video
The 3 G swing in action!

Day 3 - 14th October 2015

Activities started this morning at 8am for half the children so we could fit in as much as possible. 3G swing was incredible - and the rest of the children will have a go tomorrow. 

Activities today include Zip wire, Low ropes, Team challenge, Volleyball and Aeroball.

Room inspection was better today and well done to the room who made the most improvement. 

Everyone is eating well and all very happy and enjoying the fresh air!

Postcards have been written so watch out for those coming home. 

Happy days!

Miss Newbury


We have had another busy day in the sunshine! The Zip wire has been a challenge for many including Miss Newbury but everyone overcame their fears and achieved their own personal target.

Miss Cooper's group completed the whole assault course in Team Challenge and the instructor was very impressed! 

The food has been a big hit today with pizza as one option for lunch and a Roast dinner tonight! Yum yum!


Evening activities have just started and we will be abseiling and climbing! 

Looking forward to hot chocolate at 9pm.

Miss Newbury

Abseiling  and outdoor climbing was fantastic by moonlight and the children had an amzing time!



School Journey - day 3

School Journey - day 3 1 Room inspection!
School Journey - day 3 2 Ready for the Zipwire
School Journey - day 3 3 Zipwire
School Journey - day 3 4
School Journey - day 3 5
School Journey - day 3 6
School Journey - day 3 7
School Journey - day 3 8 Ready for the Zipwire
School Journey - day 3 9
School Journey - day 3 10 Volleyball
School Journey - day 3 11
School Journey - day 3 12
School Journey - day 3 13
School Journey - day 3 14 Outdoor Climbing and Abseiling
School Journey - day 3 15
School Journey - day 3 16

Leap of Faith

Still image for this video
This pupil was brave enough to sing a current song on top of the pole of Leap of Faith and then make an amazing leap!
Watch this video - it is fabulous!

Day 2 - 13th October 2015

Breakfast at 7.40am and everyone was hungry after a good nights sleep. Choice of cereal, fruit and cooked food- all delicious! 

Room inspection took a while and some rooms were better than others! 

Activities today are: orienteering, leap of faith, fencing, go karts, laser zone, nightline and team tech....... Watch this space for pictures and updates! 


The morning has been packed with activity and lunch was delicious, a carbohydrate feast! Most popular so far has been 'Leap of Faith'. This is a high wooden pole which the children or adults climb up whilst in a harness. When they get to the top they try and stand up on this and make a leap of faith. The pictures tell the story. Many children have overcome fears having a go at this activity. 

Everyone is happy and enjoying being outside. 😀

Miss Newbury 


During day time activities the children are in 3 groups - here is an update from each group.

by Helen and Oliwia


Group V
Everybody reached the top!
During indoor climbing everyone got to the top! Nobody gave up and everybody tried their best. 
We have a group picture - have a look at the photos to see us at the climbing wall. 


Group U
3,2,1 Leap of Faith
Everybody did their best to get as high as they could and Mr Cuell went up to the top! 
When you got to the top it was an amazing feeling but scary too. 
There are lots of pictures of Leap of Faith and look out for Mr Cuell!


Group T
Team work
The problem solving activity was the best. We had to work together as a team to complete activities. We had to pass tyres to each other and work together it was fun. 


In the evening we completed trail of mystery. This was a crime solving spectacular  where we had to find out who done it! Nobody guessed who was the actual thief was! (It was not a REAL thief it was role play!)

School journey - day 2

School journey - day 2 1 Room inspection!
School journey - day 2 2
School journey - day 2 3 Getting ready for Leap of Faith
School journey - day 2 4 Going up to make a Leap of Faith.
School journey - day 2 5
School journey - day 2 6
School journey - day 2 7
School journey - day 2 8
School journey - day 2 9
School journey - day 2 10
School journey - day 2 11 Mr Cuell's turn for Leap of Faith!
School journey - day 2 12
School journey - day 2 13
School journey - day 2 14
School journey - day 2 15
School journey - day 2 16
School journey - day 2 17
School journey - day 2 18
School journey - day 2 19
School journey - day 2 20 Go Karts
School journey - day 2 21
School journey - day 2 22
School journey - day 2 23
School journey - day 2 24
School journey - day 2 25 Indoor Climbing

School journey-day 1

School journey-day 1 1 The Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth.
School journey-day 1 2
School journey-day 1 3 On the ferry
School journey-day 1 4 Lunch
School journey-day 1 5 Camp fire
School journey-day 1 6 Hot chocolate with marshmallows- yum!


Isle Of Wight School Journey 2015

Friday  9th October 2015.

Hope everyone is looking forward to the trip to the Isle of Wight. Make sure you pack well and arrive in school by 8.15am. DON'T BE LATE!!

Here are a few reminders...

  • Bring your £10 (£5 note and 5 £1 coins) in a named envelope to give to Miss Dean
  • Any medications/inhalers need to be in a bag with instructions and given to Mrs Muhammad.
  • Don't forget to write your letter for your child and give to Miss Cooper
  • If your child needs travel sickness tablets hand these in to Mrs Muhammad.
  • A packed lunch is needed for Monday - in a plastic bag with your child's name on it.
  • Don't forget sun cream and a sun hat.
  • Let Miss Newbury know about photo permission.
  • Do not bring any valuables - no mobile phones, MP3 players, Nintendos etc
  • The coach will be leaving at 9am so parents can come back at 8.45am to wave us goodbye!!



Day One - 12th October 2015.

The  Journey and Arrival at Kingswood


The coach journey went very smoothly and we boarded an earlier ferry from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. Ferry crossing very smooth and we arrived at Kingswood at 12.30pm. The sun is shining and we had our packed lunches on the big field and now we are playing until our site tour and finding our rooms. 

All is well. Miss Newbury smiley


All children are sorted in their rooms. Great fun was had by all trying to put a duvet cover on a duvet. Miss Newbury held a masterclass with step by step instructions and most achieved this the end! 

Activities this afternoon have been Circus skills and tonight we are having a camp fire! 

Good selection of food for dinner- chicken curry, beef curry, vegetable frittata, vegetable spring rolls, rice, potatoes, green beans and peas with salad bar available. Everyone ate very well. 

Most children are tired and looking forward to bed! 😴

Miss Newbury


Marshmallow fun at camp fire!
To get to the camp fire, We walked through the go kart track and then the forest only lit up by torches. It was very dark and a bit spooky. Phaelan our group leader taught us the banana song and we continued singing it in our rooms the next day. We also did riddles the best ones were from Robert and one about a horse. 
We roasted marshmallows over the camp fire until they were melting and gooey. The left over marshmallows we had in our hot chocolate before bed. 
By Oliwia and Helen. 


See how much fun we had during our 'Inspiring the Future' Week.

Breakfast Club & After Care: We are unable to receive parents on site for Breakfast Club in the mornings, therefore you will need to find somewhere locally to park to drop your child off. After Care collection can be accommodated with parents accessing the school car park. Please ring the buzzer to access entry
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