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Year Group Teams

Our Year Groups teams are shown below.

Each Year Group has a 'Leader of Learning', who is responsible for the day to day running of the team and managing the pastoral and learning aspects of the year group.




Year Group

Leader of Learning

+ Class Teacher

Class teacher Classteacher Class teacher  
Nursery Miss Swanepoel        
Reception Miss Wilden             Miss Czerwinska Miss Jervier Mrs Saha/ Ms Angelova  
Year 1 Mrs Pogson Mrs Kazi Miss Shannon Mrs Jagota/Miss Arteaga Macias  
Year 2 Miss McGregor Miss Coombs Ms Stubbs Miss Humphries/ Mrs Cunningham  
Year 3 Miss Cooper Ms Rana Mrs Odedra/Mrs Faller Miss Bellfield/ Miss Ali  
Year 4 Miss Virdee Mrs Shetty Mrs De Mel/ Mrs Dhillon Ms Howarth   
Year 5 Miss Barber Ms Abdullah Ms Sihota Ms Chaouki  
Year 6 Ms Kashap Mrs Menton Mrs Booth


Ms Dean




Non-Class Based Teachers


Mr Nosal Sports Coach

Mrs Neacsu Music Teacher

Ms Meades Food Technician

Mrs Cudlipp Co-Ordinator for BLA



School will reopen for Years 1-6 from Monday 7th September. Please look at the last newsletter to find out your child's start and dismissal times
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