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Frances Rowswell

Chair of Governors


 I have been a governor at Hounslow Town for 12 years.  My three children are all former pupils and my links to the school date back to 1996 when my eldest child started in the nursery.  As a parent, I wanted to take a more active role in my children’s education so I volunteered as a parent representative, which I really enjoyed.  I became a Parent Governor in 2003 as I wanted to support Hounslow Town by getting involved in helping to set the strategic direction of the school. Once all my children had moved on to secondary school, I was asked to stay on as a Community (now Co-Opted) Governor and was elected Chair in the autumn of 2013.  My role includes chairing meetings and visiting the school regularly to keep in touch with the Co-Heads.  My professional background is in the Civil Service and I currently work as an adviser on international chemicals policy.

Carole McDonnell

LA Governor (Vice Chair)



I spent the last part of my career working in two schools in the London Borough of Hounslow – 12 years as a primary school administrator and 9 years a secondary school examinations officer.  At both of these schools I served as a staff governor and when I retired I applied to Hounslow and was appointed as a Local Authority Governor at Hounslow Town Primary School in June 2012. I am the Governor linked to Years 3 and 4  - I visit the classes and have attainment and progress review meetings  each term with the Phase Deputy Head Teacher. I am also the Chair of the Finance Committee.  As governors of Hounslow Town we work in partnership with all the staff to ensure every pupil can learn and develop to their full potential within the ethos and values of the school.

Bernadette Howlett

Co-opted Governor


I have been passionate about education and the way we learn ever since my son started school, nearly two decades ago.  I love to make a difference and being a school governor puts you in the heart of a school.

I have worked in a variety of schools for over 10 years, continuing to develop a passion for Education and the way we learn.  Before working in a school I worked in a retail environment for 10 years, working in various departments and had a variety of responsibilities; including working in a busy Cash Office dealing with a store’s finances and the responsibility of Point of Sale (making sure a store was trading legally). Strengthening my analytical skills to which I have applied as a school governor.

I have a Professional Practice Degree, and have studied Ethical Dimensions, The Worlds Around Us (worlds referring to people), reflection, policies etc. This has helped in understanding the whole school community, providing balance, being fair and impartial when needed. In addition, I have a HND in Graphic Design, a PGCE and a Qualified Teaching Status. 

I have been an active Governor at Hounslow Town since 2013. I Chair the Standards Committee and have taken on additional responsibilities. I value the whole school team, the community and the inclusive ethos of the school. I thrive to continue to develop my effectiveness and want to ensure that children have a happy, secure and safe environment in which to develop and achieve their potential.



Zbiginiew Adamczyk 

Parent Governor

I was a committed and dedicated English Foreign Language primary school teacher at Polish Americans School in Poland for eleven years. In September 2011 I came to the UK to study Sociolinguistics and EFL Teaching at St. Mary’s University in Twickenham. In the meantime I recognized that living in the diverse community of Hounslow provides many optimistic challenges and opportunities. In 2013 I took up Appropriate Adult role to protect the rights and welfare of children detained by police. Reflecting on that experience I want to support the staff teaching at Hounslow Town Primary School and take part in the high quality primary school education in which everyone is valued. 

 Now, I have been running Polish Saturday School for two months, fully upholding Hounslow Town Primary School ethos and values. I enjoy contributing to the society where I live, and first of all I want our children to enjoy learning, feel happy and be safe.

Andrew Heron

Co-opted Governor

My background is nearly twenty years in electronics with BT and thirty five years as a Church Minister, of which twenty five years have been here in Hounslow. My wife and I have six children, five of whom are married, producing thirteen far !  Like most parents – and grandparents! - , I have a great concern that education should not be limited to academic achievement, but developing the whole child. Our school holds that principle very strongly and there is an excellent atmosphere of respect, inclusion and acceptance that goes beyond mere ‘tolerance’, which can conceal deep prejudice! Our policy on SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) development is thoroughly woven into the whole ethos and curriculum of the school. It is a delight to see children of various ethnicity, culture, faith and ability sharing in the education that the school provides. It is my privilege to assist the school to continue this ethos and to help our children to become, not just educated, but caring and thinking children on their way to mature adulthood.

Angel Tulloch

Co-opted Governor

I have been working with Children Social Services for over eight years. Within those years I have gained a wealth of Child Protection experience and knowledge around working with Looked After Children. I hope to use this and my critical thinking skills to be an effective governor. I really like Hounslow Town’s ethos and values and how this manifests itself through their inclusive approach to learning.

Ultimately we all share the same goal of wishing Hounslow Town Primary to be an environment that children feel safe, cared for and able to learn effectively. I am delighted to be part of shaping this picture now and for the future.

Yash Kharbanda  Co-opted Governor

I have been involved in teaching for the last 15 years and currently work across three boroughs.  Prior to that, I worked for an international telecommunications company as IT Development Manager. I am married with three children who are all graduated and pursuing their careers.

My involvement with Hounslow Town School has been for over 12 years, as my wife and I teach an after-school Maths and English Programme from the premises for children from all parts of the borough. This involves a great deal of interaction with each child as we work with children with different abilities and also maintain interaction with parents from different cultures to understand each child's study habits at home, what motivates them and parents expectations.
I would like to use this experience including what I as a parent learnt whilst our children were in education to benefit children, parents and the school.







Shammi Mehta -

Co-opted Governor

I have been working for secondary schools since 2004 as an ICT Network Manager/ ECDL Trainer and recently I have the privilege of working for Hounslow Town Primary School.
Being a Hounslow resident since 2004 and a father of 2 children age between 1-5 has given me the opportunity to be well aware of the local community and other local schools. I have a proven track record of managing teams and driving through change in some challenging times. I am extremely passionate about education and technology and love to develop high quality learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom.  Along with my master’s degree (M.Sc. (IT)) and professional qualifications (Prince2, ITIL, MCSE) in IT/Project management with 15 year’s extensive experience, particularly working for schools, I feel I can further strengthen the strategic leadership of the school. I feel that I am a patient, well-organised individual who is thorough, precise and communicative and could therefore be part of this body to help implement any necessary change.   

I look forward to continuing to work with the Governing Body on ways to further improve the school.

Aarti Nayak – Parent Governor

I have been a parent governor at Hounslow Town Primary School for nearly a year now. I am married with two children, one in secondary school and the other studying at Hounslow Town Primary School.  I am an entrepreneur now, however I have worked at a multinational company as a ­tax consultant for several years. 
I am passionate about being a part of not only my children’s education, but also the future of education system in the country because I firmly believe that if we shape our present, only then the future will be good. The role of parent governor helps me play an active role in being a part of the school as well as contributing to the community which would be for the betterment of our school and the pupils. 

Michal Nosal – Co-opted Governor

I have worked within the coaching/education sector for over four years now.  This includes working for Brentford Community Sports Trust as a coach, where I was responsible for planning, delivering and evaluating PE lessons.
Currently my role with Essential Sports Training is School’s Sports Development Officer. My responsibilities include co-ordinating all school projects and line managing several members of staff. I am currently based at Hounslow Town Primary school, where I have worked for the last three years. In this time, I have been offered the fantastic opportunity in joining the school governing board. My aims for the year of 2016/17 is to continue helping the school in achieving its high aspirations and gaining as much experience as possible. I love the creative approach to the curriculum, and wish to support the school and the staff in providing the best learning experience for all our children. The school has incredible potential, and I look forward to another successful year. 


Governors at Hounslow Town primary School

Miss Frances Rowsell (Co-opted)

Chair of the Governing Body, elected on 29/06/15 for a four year term of office by the Governing Body she serves on the Finance Committee and the Standards Committee.


Mrs Carole McDonnell (LA)

Vice-Chair of the Governing Body, Chair of the Finance Committee, elected on 30/04/16 for a four year term of office by the Local Authority.


Miss Bernadette Howlett (Co-Opted)

Assistant Vice -Chair of the Governing Body, chair of the Standards Committee, elected on 29/06/15 for a four year term of office by the Governing Body.


Mr Zbigniew Adamczyk  (Parent)

Elected on 19/04/13 for a four year term of office by the parents, he serves on the Finance Committee and Standards Committee.


Mrs Angel Tulloch (Co-opted)

Elected on 29/06/15 for a four year term of office by the Governing Body, she serves on the Standards Committee.


Mr Yash Kharbanda (Co-Opted)

Elected on the 29/06/15 for a four year term of office by the Governing Body, he serves on the Standards  Committee.


Rev Andrew Heron (Co-Opted)

Elected on the 29/06/15 for a four year term of office by the Governing Body, he serves on the Standards Committee.


Mrs Aarti Nayak (Parent)

Elected on the 11/12/15 for a four year term of office by the parents, she serves on the Finance Committee.


Mr Chris Hill (Co-Headteacher)

As Headteacher he is on both Standards and Finance Committees.


Mr Shammi Mehta (Co-opted)

Elected on the 28/11/16 for a four year term of office by the Governing Body, he serves on the Standards Committee.


Mr Michal Nosal (Co-opted)

Elected on the 28/11/16 for a four year term of office by the Governing Body, he serves on the Standards Committee.


Mr Hari Chimmiri (Parent)