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Year 2 Style of Teaching and Learning Autumn 2021


Due to the pandemic, the current Year 2 children have missed a huge chunk of their Early Years education as well as the important transitionary year of Year 1, where at Hounslow Town we have embedded a model of teaching and learning rooted in continuous provision and play-based learning.

In order to get these children where they need to be academically, whilst also catering to their emotional wellbeing, we have opted for a more informal structure of lessons initially this year.


What does this look like?

Usually, a brief input session in Maths or Literacy which is whole class, then children can choose specific activities on the different tables and the outdoor area which are linked to their learning (Topic, independent Maths or Literacy foci, phonics activities, fine motor/handwriting practice, any other areas of learning linked to the National Curriculum) and which are all differentiated accordingly.

The teacher and/or teaching assistant will then take a focus group relating to the input and differentiate it further according to their needs, giving them directed challenge and support in a small group (usually 5 or 6 children). Tasks are marked alongside the children (hot marking) which enables children to respond while the teacher is there and facilitates purposeful dialogue between the learner and teacher.

For non-core subjects’ inputs and sometimes for Maths and Literacy, where appropriate, the class teacher will decide if the whole class model is more appropriate, depending on the needs of the individuals and the class.



When will we move to more formal based learning?

We are led by the children and their needs, but the aim is for all five Year 2 classes to be fully formalised by the end of Autumn Term, so that children are correctly transitioned into Key Stage 2 with their readiness to learn for whole class teaching and learning.

School is closed for INSET Training day on 24th May 2024
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