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Humanities (History, Geography & RE)

In Religious Education we encourage the children to reflect on their own life and what is special to them as a step into finding out about religion.

Throughout the school children will begin to develop an understanding of some of the world faiths with an emphasis being placed on Christianity.

The RE syllabus followed is Discovery RE;  our overall aim is to foster empathy for others and to encourage children to explore religions, their own feelings, thoughts and actions through an enquiry approach. We celebrate a range of religious festivals through assemblies and we develop children's understanding of other faiths through visits to different religious places of worship. 


In a multi faith school, we promote shared British values of tolerance and respect towards each other and as such although parents are entitled to withdraw their child from religious activities if they wish, we feel this limits their understanding and progress towards these shared values. Above all, we hope that parents will discuss any concerns before coming to a decision.



History and Geography are taught using thematic based learning using Cornerstones Curriculum. They create a project for each unit of work. Cornerstones encorporates the objectives form the National Curriculum and allows the children to learn, develop and apply knowledge and skills in an enquiry and creative based environment.


History involves using clues from the past and the children are encouraged to be historical detectives as they develop their understanding and enthusiasm for the subject. They will use visits to historical sites e.g. Windsor Castle, question visitors with expert knowledge and through examining artefacts, pictures and objects relating to the period of history as well as online and information texts to gain a good insight into the period of history.


Geography involves the investigation of places, physical features, settlement and environmental change using geographical skills. Pupils will be given opportunities to use an enquiry approach focusing on key geographical questions. They will use maps, photographs, visits to sites where they can conduct surveys and ask questions.

Breakfast Club & After Care: We are unable to receive parents on site for Breakfast Club in the mornings, therefore you will need to find somewhere locally to park to drop your child off. After Care collection can be accommodated with parents accessing the school car park. Please ring the buzzer to access entry
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