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Rainbow MLD Centre

Welcome to Rainbow MLD Centre


A warm welcome to all our children and families.

 Numeracy Lesson
The Rainbow Centre classes and staff are:
Amethyst - Ms Major, Ms Sayers and Ms Sanders
Lilac – Mrs Griggs and Mrs Callan
Purple – Mrs Oyetunde and Ms Tahir
Violet – Mrs Kozlowski and Miss Hoey

 The Centre Manager for Rainbow Centre and school SENCO is Ms Rachel Howard


Picture 1 Reading Corner
Picture 2 Tricky words wall
Picture 3 Centre corridor
Picture 4 Sensory Room
Picture 5 Sensory Room
Picture 6 Reading Corner
Picture 7 Classroom display
Picture 8 Reading Corner



Picture 1 Local Community Trip
Picture 2 Reflections - sensory play
Picture 3 Reflections - sensory play
Picture 4 Reflections - sensory play
Picture 5 Reflections - sensory play
Picture 6 Seaside trip - Littlehampton
Picture 7 Seaside trip - Littlehampton
Picture 8 Seaside trip - Littlehampton
Picture 9 Seaside trip - Littlehampton
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Special Events
Picture 1 Assembly
Picture 2 Assembly
Picture 3 Assembly
Picture 4 The Big Bed Read - Pyjama Day
Picture 5 Year 6 graduation ceremony
Picture 6 Year 6 graduation ceremony
Our Learning
Picture 1 Adding money
Picture 2 Independent workstation (TEACCH)
Picture 3 Individual reading
Picture 4 Interactive numeracy
Picture 5 Partitioning 2-digit numbers
Picture 6 Place value
Picture 7 Rading Corner
Picture 8 Yoga
Picture 9 Yoga
Breakfast Club & After Care: We are unable to receive parents on site for Breakfast Club in the mornings, therefore you will need to find somewhere locally to park to drop your child off. After Care collection can be accommodated with parents accessing the school car park. Please ring the buzzer to access entry
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