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Family Lending Library

Our Family Lending Library is open on a Thursday afternoon from 14:45 to 15:45 term time only. We are now based in the Busy Learning Area which families can access from the main school playground. The Family Lending Library is available to all parents of children in the school. The library has a wide selection of books for every year group, age and reading level.

Parents can choose books for their children or bring their children in to choose books for themselves. Each child can borrow up to three books at a time for two weeks. In addition to three books each, children can also borrow one game. We have a small supply of family and educational games for both parents and children to play and learn with. 

The Family Lending Library also supplies worksheet packs specifically collated each year group. These are free and available to all families.  

Pack 1 = Nursery and Reception. Pack 2 = Years 1 and 2, Pack 3 = Years 3 and 4 and Pack 4 = Years 5 and 6. 

These packs have both Literacy and Maths exercises for the children, aiding both parents and children to learn together at home.

To join our Family Lending Library, parents are asked to fill in an application form, stating their child’s name and class along with their name, address and telephone number.

Parents will then receive a Library card with their child’s name and school library bar code on the front. When a book or game is borrowed it is scanned onto the school’s library system, which then records what the child has borrowed and on what date. This enables staff to follow up on any missing or overdue items.

Parent’s requesting only worksheets are not required to fill in an application form. They simply write their child’s name and either class or year group on the register supplied when they receive a worksheet. This allows staff to see who is using the library and how many packs may be required in following weeks.

The Lending Library has been a huge success over the years. Since relocating to the new school premises, the number of parents using the library has increased considerably. We supported 205 families in one week since the start of the new year, with either worksheets, books or games! We look forward to this number increasing!

Mrs S Griggs

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