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Personal Health Social & Citizenship Education

Children learn best when they are happy and healthy.  The PSHCE programme provides children with the social and emotional skills to create and sustain friendships.  They are encouraged to make sensible and informed choices reflecting on their role as members of a community.

Specific Sex Education at an appropriate level is undertaken at the end of Key Stage 2.  Building on from work about ‘Ourselves’ at Key Stage 1, we look at lifecycles and reproduction in animals and plants.  This leads on to the changes that take place during adolescence, and to human reproduction at the end of Key Stage 2. Such work will reflect the school ethos and endorse moral values.

Parents will always be informed first and have the right to withdraw their child, but we do encourage parents to discuss the work to be undertaken with the teachers before coming to a decision.

Breakfast Club & After Care: We are unable to receive parents on site for Breakfast Club in the mornings, therefore you will need to find somewhere locally to park to drop your child off. After Care collection can be accommodated with parents accessing the school car park. Please ring the buzzer to access entry
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