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Physical Education

Our Vision and Aims


We aim to provide all our pupils with at least two hours of high quality PE, Sport and physical activity each week.  In the EYFS, opportunities are provided for children to be active and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement through moving and handling activities which involve the use of a range of equipment and involve different spatial experiences. During Key Stage 1, pupils should be taught knowledge skills and understanding through motor skill, dance, gymnastics and games activities.  Key Stage 2 pupils should have access to all components of the National Curriculum Programme of Study, (Athletics, Dance, Games, Gymnastics, Outdoor Education and Swimming) so that a realistic attempt is made to achieve the expected levels of performance as set out in the National Curriculum. 


The School’s aims for Physical Education are: 

Acquiring and Developing 

  • To develop skilful use of the body, the ability to remember, repeat and refine actions and to perform them with increasing control, co-ordination and fluency. 
  • To develop physical competence and confidence by acquiring and developing a range of fine and gross motor skills. 
  • To be aware of the different shapes and movements that can be made with the body. 


Selecting and Applying 

  • Pupils are increasingly able to plan and adapt activities both individually and when working with others.  
  • They are able to use strategies and tactics and improve their understanding of composition in a variety of situations.  
  • They are able to apply rules and conventions appropriate for the activity.  
  • Allow pupils to experience competition.  
  • Allow pupils to pursue excellence. 


Improving and Evaluating 

  • To improve observation skills and the ability to describe and make simple judgements on their own and others work, and to use their observations and judgements to improve performance. 
  • To understand that using the correct technique will improve accuracy and individual performance. 
  • To be able to evaluate performance and act upon constructive criticism. 
  • To be able to encourage others and give praise for their achievements so that when children perform they do not fear failure. 
  • Pupils understand what constitutes an effective performance.  


Knowledge and Understanding of Fitness and Health 

  • To develop an understanding of the effects of exercise on the body, and an appreciation of the value of safe exercising, and the need to sustain this throughout life. 
  • To promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle by understanding the effects of exercise on the body and the importance of developing strength, endurance and flexibility 
  • To develop a love of physical exercise. 
  • To realise that the right exercise for you can be fun and will give you energy for other things in life. 
  • To experience a range of differing activities and realise that physical activity doesn’t have to be about winning a competition - doing your best is as important. 
  • Understanding the effects of exercise on the body in the short term.  
  • Understand the importance of warming up and preparing appropriately for a variety of activities.  
  • Selecting and engaging in regular physical activity.  
  • Understand why physical activity is good for their health and well-being.  
  • Being aware of opportunities both in school and in local clubs and the community which cater for primary age children.  


Working Alone and With Others 

  • To develop the ability to work independently, and communicate (verbally and non verbally) with and respond positively towards others whilst making a positive contribution to their own and others learning. 
  • To develop confidence in their own skills and abilities to meet appropriate challenges and work through solutions. 
  • To create and plan games and teach them to one another. 
  • To develop a sense of fair play. 
  • To develop a positive attitude to themselves and others and to winning and losing. 
  • To treat your team, the opposition and the referee with respect. 
  • To raise self-esteem through opportunities to celebrate sporting success. 
  • To develop the ability to work independently, and communicate with and respond positively towards others to resolves problems. 
  • Pupils are able to think imaginatively and demonstrate creativity in their work.  
  • They are developing leadership skills.  
  • Pupils exhibit such personal qualities perseverance, respect and resilience. 


School is closed for INSET Training day on 24th May 2024
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