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Hounslow Town Primary SchoolTo inspire, to encourage, to learn, to achieve


Our Vision and Aims

At Hounslow Town Primary School we believe that the contribution of mathematics to the modern society is significant and essential. Mathematics equips pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools to enable them to become fluent, to reason, solve problems, make connections and assess risks in their everyday lives.

As mathematics is integral to all aspects of life, with this in mind, we endeavour to ensure that all pupils develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics. Pupils are encouraged to persevere and to feel reassured when making mistakes or praised when taking risks, thus developing resilience. We are committed to ensuring that all pupils achieve mastery in the key concepts of mathematics, appropriate for their age group, in order that they make genuine progress, overcome barriers and move through education with confidence. Teamwork is central to maths through questioning and investigative work. Mutual respect is developed as children work together, support and inspire each other.


“Our ‘abilities’ are neither fixed nor innate, but can be developed through practice, support, dedication and hard work. ‘Natural talent’ is just a starting point and does not determine who has more or less potential to achieve. This belief encourages a love of learning and resilience that enables everyone to achieve.” (Mathematics Mastery)

School will reopen for Years 1-6 from Monday 7th September. Please look at the last newsletter to find out your child's start and dismissal times
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