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Message From School Journey

  • Year 5 and 6 have been having a great time.We have finally arrived at Kingswood  and we have been having tons of fun.Our coach journey went really well as everyone (including the teachers) were laughing and enjoying themselves.When we arrived we had a brief tour of the site (by our team leader ,Jack) then we arrived at our rooms -which were small but super cool-and unpacked our luggage.After that we had some delicious dinner and then had two activities before our cup of hot cocoa.Then we went up to our rooms and had a good night's sleep.This morning we had a brilliant breakfast.Soon after ,we went to our rooms and we are now sitting and relaxing ,enjoying ourselves. We all are missing you and hope you're missing us too.😍


Helen and Tejaswi 

6 Aqua

School is closed for INSET Training day on 24th May 2024
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